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Enterprise support

Enterprise Support

We support the growth and development of enterprises serving the off-grid energy market by addressing challenges relating to developing appropriate technologies; building effective product distribution channels; proving and adapting business models and accessing finance.

Businesses we support range from local micro-enterprises operating in the rural, informal economy, to larger local or international businesses and project developers.

Micro-enterprise development

Micro-enterprises play a crucial role in expanding energy access. They create jobs and offer products and services that help other businesses grow. We work with hundreds of them to help build their capacity, become more efficient, strengthen the energy delivery chain and, ultimately, contribute to economic growth.

Advisory services for SMEs

We work with SMEs that have the potential to address energy access issues on a larger scale. We advise them on everything from financial planning to project development and help businesses, governments and other market players form productive partnerships.

Supporting project developers

Small-scale projects are helping off-grid communities access clean energy. We support them through every stage of their development, from market sizing to equity raising. We also work with the communities they serve to ensure that the new energy supply has the most powerful impact possible.