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What we do

What we do

We help businesses and markets deliver access to energy in Africa, improving the quality of life for millions of people.

We believe that businesses and markets can offer the best solutions to the lack of access to energy – one of the most pervasively debilitating aspects of poverty that holds back sub-Saharan Africa’s development.

For businesses to grow and markets to expand, certain resources need to be in place, and in much of the developing world they are hard to come by: technology, skills, delivery networks and capital.

Our initiatives are designed to help businesses overcome these gaps. We champion comprehensive market system approaches so that companies and markets can flourish, providing reliable, affordable, and clean energy for all. By identifying gaps and collaborating across the energy value chain, we create holistic solutions that go beyond mere provision, supporting communities to harness energy for improved livelihoods, food security, and low carbon development.

Our business model

Enterprise Support

Different companies have different needs. We offer a range of services that are tailored to each enterprise, from micros to SMEs and project developers in the energy sector. These include business, strategic, technical, financial and operational support to companies to expand and build local markets.


Access to capital is a key barrier to the growth of all businesses. We work with entrepreneurs to help them access equity, debt and grant funding. We also work with financial institutions, investors and donors to help them better understand the local energy sector.

Innovative Models

To increase energy access in off-grid areas, we need to look to new ideas. New technologies and innovative business models are constantly emerging in this dynamic sector, but knowing what works best in the long term requires research, field testing – and finance. We support pioneering projects in various ways.