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Innovative models

Innovative models

Innovative ideas, technologies and business models can significantly help to increase energy access.

The off-grid energy access sector is highly dynamic with technologies and business models constantly evolving, and testing ideas to understand what does and doesn’t work is critical.

As innovations involve risk, finding capital to support research and development, pilot studies or field trials can be challenging, particularly in emerging markets.

We support a range of innovative projects, initiatives and business models in a number of ways, including providing financial and technical assistance to realise their ideas, developing their management and business skills, and providing access to resources or facilities required to grow their businesses.

Crowdfunding for energy projects

Growing numbers of energy enterprises are turning to crowdfunding to kick-start their businesses. But whether this is the best route for energy start-ups in the developing world is unknown, so we are conducting in-depth research and analysis to find out.

Using prizes to spur innovation

Prizes can be used in the development context to spur technological and business innovation. We design and implement prizes for companies involved in energy access and test their effectiveness to find solutions to development challenges.

Incubating climate technology start-ups

We help energy start-ups develop innovative ideas to build economies that are green and resilient to climate change. Through business incubation, training, advice, financing and access to technical facilities, the companies we support are better equipped to turn these ideas into reality.