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Incubating climate technology start-ups

Incubating climate technology start-ups

We have supported renewable energy start-up companies with business incubation guidance on building partnerships, capital-raising, strategic and technical decision-making, project development, financial planning and analysis, marketing and distribution. The wide range of our services is exemplified by the Energy Catalyst programme which supports 345 projects in 29 countries across sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

The support provided is designed to maximise the potential for commercialising new technologies and business models – as well as enabling these companies to learn from their fellow innovators. Examples of projects on the programme include the small engines harnessing biogas from anaerobic digestion pioneered by Oak Technical Services, the low-cost PAYG solar home systems developed by Africa Power and the remote-controlled solar microgrids made by SteamaCo.


Mobile Power's ‘MOPO Batteries’ are charged centrally and then rented to off-grid customers who cannot afford mini-grid electricity or solar home systems. This innovative business model means that customers no longer need to rely on expensive and polluting forms of energy for their homes and businesses.