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Energy 4 Impact

Putting energy at the heart of development

775 millionWith no electricity

775 million people around the world live without electricity – 600 million are in Africa.

2.4 billionRelying on biomass

2.4 billion people – one third of the world’s population – use polluting fuels, like wood and coal, for cooking and heating.

3.2 millionPremature deaths

Each year, 3.2 million people die prematurely from burning polluting fuels in inefficient stoves in poorly ventilated spaces.
African traibal person standing next to solar panel

Energy access changes everything

We develop markets to close the energy gap

We offer

Focus on energy access markets

Strong networks with companies, financial institutions and other market actors

Excellent understanding of both entrepreneurs' and investors' perspective

Support for innovative, pioneering business models

Strong presence in 'the last mile'

Expertise in gender-sensitive and inclusive market development

Low-cost delivery-focused structure

Translating into

Efficient cookstoves

Powered households and institutions

More productive businesses

Economically empowered women

Energy in humanitarian contexts

Our approach has provided access to 20 million people

  • 14,700 businesses supported
  • 18,700 jobs created 
  • 14 million tonnes of CO2 avoided
  • $193 million raised to support businesses

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See the impact that access to clean affordable energy has on the lives of millions of people.