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About us

About us

Our vision is a better quality of life for everyone through access to clean energy.

Energy 4 Impact is a UK-registered non-profit organisation seeking to reduce poverty by accelerating access to clean energy, helping businesses and communities make better use of that expanded access, and working with the private sector to support the sustainability of these efforts. On 22nd September 2021, we announced the merger of Energy 4 Impact with Mercy Corps. When the transaction formally completes, Energy 4 Impact will become a subsidiary of Mercy Corps, still focused on the same activities as before, but also working to expand our impact and scale by integrating our expertise across Mercy Corps’ operations in new contexts and geographies. 

Energy 4 Impact values access to energy not as an end in itself but for the difference it makes to people’s lives every day: from smoke-free homes, lit up in the evening to more productive farms and businesses; from schools with adequate facilities to health centres able to operate their life-saving equipment after dark.

We believe that better energy access is a necessary condition for tackling today’s development challenges and our strategy is focused on four broad themes:

  • Resilience: helping populations live, work and cope successfully in a changing climate;
  • Women’s empowerment: enhancing economic growth by promoting fair participation by women;
  • Livelihoods: creating income and employment opportunities in local communities; 
  • The poor & the vulnerable: ensuring the very poor, the displaced, and those living in remote areas are not left behind.

We work in East and West Africa and operate from regional offices as well as our head office in London. The executive team reports to a Board of Trustees comprising private sector and development experts in renewable energy technology, energy policy, finance and investment.  

Energy 4 Impact, formerly known as GVEP International, was registered as a UK charity in 2007. It evolved from a partnership between the World Bank, UNDP and other bi-lateral donors, launched at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002.

Annual review

This year's issue is packed with highlights of our work to support energy businesses to overcome some of Africa's most pressing development challenges.