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About us

About us

Our vision is a better quality of life for everyone through access to clean energy.

Energy 4 Impact is Mercy Corps’ energy access platform, with the mission of improving the lives of millions globally by increasing the availability of clean energy.

We see energy as a means to achieve our development and humanitarian goals — these include creating low-carbon economic opportunities, building sustainable livelihoods, helping people cope and adapt to climate change, ensuring greater food and water security, and much more.

We believe that a market-driven approach led by the private sector is the best path towards making a lasting impact. So we put the resources in place that enable companies to expand access to climate-smart energy, to provide vital goods and services powered by energy, and to create the innovation and jobs that drive local economies forward. When energy is more widely accessible, communities can flourish and become more resilient against future shocks.

Formerly a UK-registered non-profit organisation, Energy 4 Impact merged with Mercy Corps in 2021. By bringing Energy 4 Impact’s proven energy expertise into Mercy Corps’ large and diverse portfolio of humanitarian and development programmes, we can reach more people in more places, creating a greater impact where it is needed most.

Energy 4 Impact operates from regional offices in Benin, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal and Tanzania, supported by a small team in London.