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As well as supporting businesses on strategy and operations, we also assist them to access capital to start-up, expand, or develop projects.

We believe that while private commercial capital is the right solution, at this early stage of the market there is still an important role for public funding via donors. We help design and implement private and public/private capital solutions by providing transaction advisory and investor introductions, credit enhancement and grant support.

Transaction advice & investor introductions

We help companies and developers in the energy sector to raise capital from investors and lenders. We support these businesses in every step of the process, from introductions to potential lenders to final negotiations.

Credit enhancement

In order to develop and grow, micro-enterprises in Africa need better access to finance. We help make it easier for them to borrow money, so they can buy equipment and grow. We are also spreading knowledge and raising awareness among financial institutions, helping to clear the path for the next generation of energy enterprises.

Grant support

We support energy companies who are looking for grant funding, whether it’s from us or another source, with specialist advice on how to find it, how to secure it and how best to use it. We have helped secure grants for everything from innovative renewable energy projects to early-stage businesses targeting climate mitigation.