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Advisory services for SMEs

Advisory services for SMEs

We work with commercially viable SMEs that have significant growth potential.

Our spectrum of services are designed to help companies attract capital and realise their potential to address energy access issues on a larger scale. These include strategic and financial planning advice, supply chain and route-to-markets development, operational management, project development and financing.

We also bring together market participants, governments and regulators, consultants, service providers, equipment suppliers and distributors to facilitate partnerships. Some of the companies we help sell or distribute household-level solutions: cookstoves, solar-charging lanterns or solar-powered kits that can light up homes and charge cell phones. Others are developing products and equipment for agricultural and business markets, for example solar-powered drip irrigation and refrigeration. These companies are innovative and resourceful in generating and distributing energy, and in collecting payment for their services – even in the most remote areas of Africa. Some are pioneers, using new technologies to meter use, manage energy distribution, set up networks of “pay-as-you-go” energy vendors and collect payments via mobile money.

To support these companies we have a dedicated Advisory Team with a range of banking, legal, technical and investment backgrounds. The team offers SMEs services in financial, strategic and technical areas. To find out more about our advisory services, please click here.

Selling solar appliances on credit

Some consumers in off-grid areas cannot afford the upfront cost of solar energy products. A business in Kenya has addressed this with an innovative rent-to-own model. With our support it has become a premium brand, benefiting customers who now have more options to choose from.