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Supporting project developers

Supporting project developers

We give specialist support to project developers who are building small-scale assets to generate power, which they then sell to off-grid communities or to the main grid.

Ranging in capacity from a few kilowatts to ten megawatts, these projects include various technologies, such as solar photovoltaic, hydro, biomass and renewable-diesel hybrids. Most of them are new projects, while others are retrofits – adding solar generation to an existing diesel power asset, for example.

A particular area of expertise is mini and micro-grids – electricity generators and storage systems that are connected to a small local distribution network and supply electricity to households and small businesses. Growth for these businesses means expanded access to clean energy for communities and, with our support, they can overcome obstacles and advance projects towards financial close and commissioning.

We advise on every step in the process, from market sizing, site selection and financial feasibility to regulatory compliance, business model design, equity-raising and community engagement. We also work for several project developers in the communities they serve to build the capacity of local businesses, to grow and make better use of the new power supply. Expanding “productive use” in this way helps to improve both the viability of the power project and its beneficial economic impact.

For an online resource on green mini-grids please refer to the Green Mini Grid Help Desk.


Increasing capacity for hydro plants

Small projects can have a big impact on energy generation. In Rwanda, they inject 6MW into the national grid. We are helping small hydro developers upgrade their plants and build capacity to power more businesses, homes and schools.