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Ugandan partners to implement clean cooking interventions in Kampala's informal settlements


In response to a call for applications by the Enabling African Cities for Transformative Energy Access’ (ENACT) project, implemented in partnership with Energy 4 Impact and ICLEI Africa, a consortium has been appointed to spearhead clean cooking interventions in Kisenyi informal settlement and its surrounding areas in Kampala, Uganda. This initiative, a collaboration between Energy 4 Impact, ICLEI Africa, and the selected consortium led by Wana Solutions Uganda Limited, aims to address the prevalent use of charcoal for cooking among residents and microenterprises in Kisenyi. Leading this consortium is Wana Solutions Uganda Limited, in collaboration with Green Bio Energy Ltd.

A baseline study conducted by ENACT and its partners in September 2023 revealed that 92% of residents and microenterprises in Kisenyi rely on charcoal as their primary cooking fuel. Factors hindering the adoption of clean cooking technologies in this community include lack of awareness and concerns regarding affordability and safety of cleaner alternatives. Wana Solutions and its partners aim to address these challenges through various interventions aimed at enhancing access to clean cooking within the community.

These interventions include deploying a range of clean cooking technologies such as electric pressure cookers, pay as you go LPG and related appliances; increasing the distribution network of improved cookstoves with briquettes within the community; raising awareness through community-based organizations on the benefits of clean cooking; and providing end-user financing options through microfinance institutions.

By June 2024, it is anticipated that up to 1,500 households and small businesses in Kisenyi will have access to clean cooking facilities as a result of this initiative.

Wana Solutions Uganda Limited has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to addressing the energy needs of underserved communities in Uganda. Their appointment, alongside Green Bio Energy, is integral to ENACT’s mission to overhaul cooking practices in informal settlements by leveraging innovative technology solutions and business models to increase access to clean and efficient cooking.

This initiative is in line with Kampala Capital City Authorithy’s objective of providing clean cooking access to its residents. Ms Rhoda Gwayinga, Supervisor Risk Management, Kampala Capital City Authority emphasises that

Access to clean cooking is not a privilege, but a basic entitlement for all individuals, including those residing in the informal settlements of Kampala city. Providing clean cooking facilities, such as improved stoves, EPC and LPG in Kisenyi is essential for transforming Kampala into a city where inhabitants can thrive and live comfortably.

The national government also supports this initiative, noting its alignment with the integrated clean cooking strategy spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and the Government of Uganda. Eng. Herbert ABIGABA, Principal Energy Officer and ENACT Project Focal Person at MEMD, congratulated the consortium on their selection and emphasised the importance of delivering clean cooking solutions within the context of this underserved community.

It is our hope that these solutions will meet the project’s targets while supporting Uganda’s energy policy and Kampala's Climate Change and Energy Action Strategy.

To stay informed about the ongoing progress of this project and the efforts to bring clean cooking solutions to informal settlements, please visit the ENACT website for updates.