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Energy 4 Health

Each year, millions of people in Africa are treated in facilities that have no electricity. Many hospitals’ staff are forced to treat emergency patients in the dark, unable to power equipment, putting lives at risk. Particularly vulnerable are mothers giving birth and new born babies. Inadequate electricity supply compromise the refrigeration and safe storage of vaccines and medicines.

We work with businesses to provide energy access in health facilities so they can improve the quality of healthcare services and the living standards for millions of people.

With the financial support of the OVO Foundation, we are working with private sector businesses to provide solar power to hospitals and health clinics in some of Kenya’s poorest and hardest to reach areas, where maternal mortality is more than double the global average.

For the first time, nurses are able to use equipment that had never been used before, including oxygen machines which are sometimes vital to keep babies alive when they’re born. Having power also means that health clinics are able to store life-saving vaccines in the fridge.