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Building businesses’ capacity

Maximising businesses’ capacity to profit from access to power

We help businesses develop their capacity to use access to power to increase their productivity and profitability. This includes helping them choose the right appliances, their pricing structure and power ratings, and to identify suppliers, thereby facilitating more efficient uptake and stimulating demand.

Arafa Iddi is a restaurant owner and customer of Rafiki Power in Kwamtoro Village, in Tanzania. Rafiki Power operates eight solar mini-grids in the country providing affordable energy to households and businesses. Energy 4 Impact helped Arafa explore different ways to expand her business, such as establishing market linkages and sourcing a second-hand freezer. She recently purchased a freezer on credit repaid over three months. The freezer enables her to offer cold drinks, which brings in new customers and prolongs their stay at her restaurant. It also allows her to store perishable food and left-overs.