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New partnership seeks to expand productive use of energy in rural Tanzania


Last week, Energy 4 Impact, Multiconsult and the Rural Energy Agency (REA) launched a new partnership to promote productive uses and stimulate energy demand in rural Tanzania

Multiconsult acts as REA’s Technical Assistance Consultant for the Rural Electrification Densification Programme (REDP).  The REDP is implemented by REA with financing from the Norwegian Government through the Norwegian Embassy in Dar Es Salaam, aiming at extending the national grid to rural areas in Tanzania. Multiconsult has contracted Energy 4 Impact to collaborate on the programme component that focuses on promoting Productive Use of Energy in the areas that will be electrified through the REDP.

Energy 4 Impact's role will be to stimulate productive use of electricity through empowering local entrepreneurs in the villages of Tanga and Pwani in south-eastern Tanzania. This will enable the rural population to benefit fully from the expansion of the national power grid.

“This is an exciting enterprise-centred initiative, which will provide business development services to local business owners to enable them to undertake value adding activities and invest in income-generating equipment (e.g., wood workshop tools, fish drying, welding, oil pressing and milling machines, as well as some smaller appliances such as fridges, juice blenders, hair clippers, hair dryers, fryers),” says Adam Mbwambo, Energy 4 Impact’s Tanzania Country Manager.

A range of suitable financing options will be explored, including leveraging existing local (informal and formal) financial institutions, commercial banks, microfinance institutions, as well as supplier credit or asset finance.

Ultimately the programme is hoped to stimulate economic growth and increase livelihoods, income and employment opportunities in the region.

The Rural Energy Agency (REA) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Energy and Minerals of the United Republic of Tanzania. It promotes and facilitates improved access to modern energy services in rural areas of Mainland Tanzania.

Multiconsult is one of the leading firms of consulting engineers and designers in Norway and Scandinavia.