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Energy 4 Impact supports debt crowdfunding for Namibian solar company


Energy 4 Impact is supporting Namibian solar distributor, Olusheno Sales & Distribution Ltd. (Olusheno), to raise their third round of funding on German debt crowdfunding platform bettervest. Olusheno is raising EUR 209,400 from bettervest’s network of investors, allowing the company to purchase over 2,000 solar home systems for distribution to households in rural Namibia.

Over the past few months, 543 bettervest investors have supported Olusheno in pursuing its mission to provide 250,000 families in and around Namibia with solar energy over the next 5 years. During the first and second funding rounds on the platform, Olusheno raised more than 410,000 €. With these funds, the company was able to acquire two containers worth of solar home systems and sell them to households across the country. 

Since then, Olusheno has sold a total of 2,949 solar home systems to off-grid customers (at November 22, 2017). In addition to a solar panel, each solar-home-system sold by Olusheno comes with a battery that can provide energy for up to 17 hours and charge mobile devices, a small FM radio, a portable torch and LED lights that are twelve times brighter than kerosene lamps.

Energy 4 Impact has partnered with eight crowdfunding platforms as part of the Crowd Power programme, funded by UK Aid, and has supported 100 crowdfunding campaigns across donation, reward, debt and equity crowdfunding. For the Olusheno campaign, Energy 4 Impact is providing funds to disseminate gift vouchers to new investors, registered users and existing bettervest investors. There are 150 vouchers available, which can be accessed here.

Vouchers will be validated on a first come, first serve basis and are available to:

New investors: 50 vouchers worth 100 € valid for investments of 200 € and above
Registered users who have not invested: 50 vouchers of 50 € valid for investments of 200 € and above 
Existing crowd-investors: 50 vouchers of 50 € valid for investments of 500 € and above