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Ashden Awards 2020 applications - closing soon!


The Ashden Awards are seeking ready-to-scale solutions to increase access to sustainable energy and improving lives through sustainable energy, in response to the climate emergency.

The application process for the 2020 awards is closing on 11th December, 2019.  

What kind of projects are they looking for?

  • Energy access finance or business model innovation: policy, planning and public/private partnerships that opens up the market for smaller enterprises to succeed.
  • Sustainable buildings: from new build to retrofit, we need to decarbonise our homes and offices worldwide. 
  • Nature-based solutions: we want to hear from projects using natural solutions to protect people and planet, and are especially interested in projects run by and benefiting indigenous people. 
  • Clean air and sustainable mobility: Infrastructure, policies and developments that discourage car use, integration to the last mile and behaviour change. 
  • Humanitarian energy: We want to hear about energy access responses to humanitarian disasters. Climate change is already worsening these situations, and the impact will grow in the years ahead. 
  • Innovation: In the UK our electricity supply has seen leaps in decarbonisation, whilst heating and cooking still lag behind - cost and disruption are key barriers we want to see addressed. 
  • Cool cities: This award focuses on how cities can adapt to rising temperatures by using passive cooling approaches as part of the built environment.
  • Livelihoods: Electricity opens many doors to income and employment, but access to raw materials and training are still lacking. 
  • Energy access policy, planning & finance: Systemic change is needed if we are to achieve universal access to modern, clean and affordable energy by 2030, with particular attention to the hardest to reach.

Click here to see the full criteria and to apply