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Your donation will help us transform more lives and build a sustainable future.

Energy provides new opportunities for income, enables businesses to grow and generates jobs. It allows millions of children to study after dark, health facilities to offer vital services, and farmers to cope with climate change.

We work with local businesses to provide long-lasting energy solutions to millions of people in Africa.  With your support we can help many more men and women lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

Please donate by clicking on the Paypal link below. Your donations large or small can make a difference:    

  • £50 will help a school provide its pupils with solar-powered lights and IT equipment
  • £100 will help a group of women entrepreneurs to increase their sales of solar products and energy efficient cookstoves in rural Kenya and Tanzania 
  • £150 will help a farmer acquire a solar irrigation system to increase yields and reduce vulnerability to droughts
  • £500 can contribute to financing and purchase of a solar PV system for rural clinics to power vital equipment

We will ensure that your donation achieves the maximum economic, environmental and social impact.